Our Mission

Our Mission: Improving Lives with Landscaping in SE Michigan | TCLA - Screen_Shot_2017-12-05_at_9

Improving Landscapes is Our Job, Improving Lives is Our Passion

Our Mission: Improving Lives with Landscaping in SE Michigan | TCLA - troy-clogg

This is my vision (painted picture) of the next three years. It will be supported with visual pictures and drawings posted in our hallway, embedded in these pages, and on our website. I am excited to continue achieving the feelings and events described in here because my most rewarding feelings come from helping those around me become greatly successful. Your success, is our success, is my success. Thank you in advance for all the fun we will have doing everything I am about to write, and then some.

The Troy Clogg Landscape Associates team is energized, fun, healthy and loving. Our individual goals and team goals are being achieved and the results are lifting us all. We keep on growing and as a team and as individuals, we are enjoying the process. Work is fun! We laugh a lot! We focus on opportunities, not “what could go wrong?” We are blessed and deserve everything that comes our way, and it is great! The Troy Clogg Landscape Associates brand name is known as the "best choice" by clients, our competitors and staff members. Our team is growing internally and through the addition of new players that want a life like ours. We value each other’s efforts and help one another. We search out what is “right” and do it all with a fun, healthy and loving spirit. People search us out to work with us, because they want to be a part of a team like ours!

Our team consists of bright, energetic people who have a passion for making a difference in the world by helping to transform lives in our business, industry and communities. They make their decisions and take action in a fun, healthy and loving way.  Our top 3 responsibilities always have been and always will be… CUSTOMERS, REPUTATION and OUR TEAM. We appreciate and respect all of our clients, and therefore we strive to have no, one client, be more than 5% of our revenue. We believe there is a greater purpose in life, and it shows in all our actions.

As the leader of a very special group of people, friends and family… I feel obligated to create and communicate the vision of our future together, in 3 to 5 year chunks.  My personal “why” is “TO HELP THE PEOPLE THAT CROSS MY LIFE PATH TO BE THE BEST THEY CAN BE TO LEARN FROM THEM, AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, TO LEAVE A LEGACY OF ACTION!” I am a simple results-oriented person, taking steps to grow in my faith, leadership and mentoring knowledge and skills.

As I progress through the “knowledge journey of life,“ I strive to learn from the best in their fields. I remain a devoted Vistage member, study the bible, leadership books, and attend all the seminars that offer growth and knowledge to help make me and my loved ones better. I take bits and pieces from each source and emulate the behavior. This creates focus, success, and a model for others. I feel that my “work”, “personal”, “community” balance is blended just right.

The culture of the Troy Clogg Landscape Associates team is fun, healthy, loving… hard work. We learn from each other, our service providers, and our clients. The prize is when the Customers, Employees, and Owners … All feel as though they have WON!  Win… Win… Win!

Snow Management (Risk Management) 

We have figured out how to be the “best in show,” and we are sticking to it.  We are told “No one has ever offered snow management to me that way before… and it makes so much sense! Thank you!”

Our client partners say… “I need a snow management pricing structure that is auditable, ‘budgetable’, with no surprises.” And our pricing structure options, provide just that!   We accompany these pricing structures with top of the industry ISO certified procedures and professionals.  We are, by far, the most certified team in Michigan. The result for our client/partners is a safe, well-serviced site(s), performed by industry certified professionals that aim to meet and exceed expectations.

Brand / Image

Educated, helpful, confident, competent. Simply put, these behaviors are synonymous with all TCLA/TCSA team members.

Knowledge / Education

Education is the center of improving all parties involved.

Knowledge and Education are power and in Michigan, we have the most certified team in the industry!  We team up, with other like-minded teams in the snow world, and help to build the highest value national/regional snow management firm in history. Just like on any winning team “we play our position and support our teammates”, and the business and lives of those on our teams, grow, improve and inspire.


Those of us in leadership positions grow quickly and confidently in our abilities. Those not yet in leadership positions, but on the team, rise to the occasion and succeed greatly!  Leaders search out and train their replacements… We stack the bench with the best of the best players… And our opportunities in the marketplace grow.


Our meeting rhythm is fun and becomes consistent. New leaders step up to run and manage meetings in a “briefing” and “debriefing ” model. Our meetings include daily huddles, sales meetings, operations, equipment needs, training, education, strategic, and social fun times.  I am pleasantly surprised by how fast this culture takes over as this has been a hurdle for me to overcome…. And as always… The team is taking control and truly leading themselves…. And succeeding greatly.

Human Resources

The growth of our team has reached a point where we can expand our HR role to better serve our employees. This addition has paid off exponentially. People have as many opportunities for growth and personal improvement as we can find for them… And they are taking advantage of the opportunities!  They are having fun, staying or getting healthy, and love is the motivation!   More and more people are attracted to work with this team…. And we hire many more spectacular people.


Our customers continue to be pleasantly surprised that there is a firm to work with, that meets/exceeds their expectations. We communicate more frequently with greater value, catering to each client’s specific needs. The Troy Clogg Landscape Associates team provides award-winning landscape design/ builds, technical expertise for all sprinkler and lighting systems, lawn and bed maintenance and are rewarded with Gold awards. In the winter, the Troy Clogg Landscape Associates team minimizes customers' risk and maximizes their tenants, (or owners) satisfaction with our level of performance/ safety procedures.  Our customers are our best source of new opportunities… we work diligently to track and reward them for their referrals.


A great business builder and role model of mine says, “People don’t fail… systems do.” He is right! The better our systems, the better our people.  We have a wall of monitors that look like the weather channel. Our new software drives transparent tracking of site conditions, people and assets, and is shared with the respective clients through a private portal. We all perform better because of it. In our “success room” we watch, guide, share and manage our team via the real-time knowledge available and viewing of the monitors. Our field supervisors (feet on the street) ensure client satisfaction in all seasons and during all services. The result… Our team is the best!


We fill our social sites with regular news blurbs about our team and their outstanding work, efforts, community support, and family focus.  We become known as the ”snow guys,” and we are asked to provide coaching and training to help improve the industry, assist our clients in understanding the new laws with respect to indemnification, and to raise community awareness. Our Hot Pink Deicer and how families are helped is the focus of a news story. The story is a result of a curious media person asking “why are all of your snow plows and salters pink”?


Another “system” is that which creates “profit”.  We scale every job, department, satellite location, business group etc. Succeeding in this management tool is providing profitability… which in turn feeds the education and growth of our team. Our advisory board is meeting regularly and the results are outrageously good!


Health is irreplaceable. Without our health (mind, body and soul) …we can’t perform at our personal best. Working out, exercising, praying, playing, reading. These are all parts of the formula.


We seek out those who have what we want. It is best to emulate those that have what we seek. A wise man once said, “You are who you hang with.” So hang with the best!

Family & Friends

The most important piece of the whole story …after health is our family and friends. I believe we are on this planet, living our lives, to make a difference. To leave this place better than when we arrived… to give back whenever the opportunity arises. Family and friends afford us the opportunity to live out our actions, to align with our dreams and visions… And all of us on the Troy Clogg Landscape Associates team… Are doing it!