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In making your yard beautiful, safe, and accessible, never underestimate the role that hardscaping plays. While most homeowners focus on landscaping services, it is only possible to fill your yard with beautiful turf, trees, and shrubs if you have a solid foundation for them to grow. Troy Clogg provides this foundation by installing retaining walls, along with sidewalks and other hardscapes that enhance both form and function. As a hardscaping company with extensive experience in Southeast Michigan, we give your yard the structures it needs to remain beautiful, safe, and stable for years to come.

The Troy Clogg team has the experience and training to install a variety of different hardscapes, including:

  • Retaining Walls - One of the most important functional hardscapes, retaining walls allow you to hold soil at different elevations in different parts of your yard. This is essential if you want to stagger shrubs, trees, and other plants in multiple sections of the property. You can also use retaining walls to even out your soil, providing a more consistent foundation for your landscaping.
  • BBQ & Fire Pits - There's no better way to stay warm during Michigan's cold winters than with an outdoor fire pit. We install fire pits in strategic areas of your yard, eliminating any risk of the fire spreading while providing a convenient location for you and your friends to huddle around. We also install BBQ pits and other cooking equipment.
  • Walking Paths - A walking path allows visitors to navigate your land with ease. This is particularly valuable if your yard has thick and intricate landscaping, which can be confusing to visitors who are trying to find your house.

Troy Clogg installs these and all other hardscapes in yards throughout Southeast Michigan. By paying careful attention to the layout of your lawn and landscaping, we can fit these structures seamlessly into the property, giving your home a solid, consistent look.

How Quality Hardscaping Can Enhance Your Property

When considering hardscape installation, homeowners usually focus on comparing the costs of new hardscapes to the beauty and financial value that they will add. But this comparison does not capture the full value of quality hardscaping. Not only do hardscapes make your home more beautiful and valuable, but they also:

  • Improve Safety - A walking path makes it easier for visitors to move through your yard without tripping. Likewise, walls can provide shelter from harsh weather, letting you enjoy your yard under all conditions.
  • Stand Up to the Seasons - A fire pit lets you stay warm in your yard during the coldest of Michigan winters. If you want to maintain full use of your property year-round, hardscapes like these are the way to go.
  • Entice Visitors - With walking paths and other forms of hardscaping, you can guide visitors into your home, creating a welcoming feeling as they approach.

Testimonials About Our Landscaping Work:

In our last homeowner association, we enjoyed considerable, creative, and very effective service on a multitude of landscape and drainage issues from Troy Clogg Landscape Associates in Wixom. All of their ideas, plans, and work still stand after nearly 20 years.
Maria R.*
I just think you and your crews should know what an outstanding job they did. Not only on our fall clean up, not a single leaf in sight, but also on our summer lawn cuts. They go out of their way to do an exceptional job and I can't get over how great our place looks. Please pass this onto your crews and thank you again for the great service.
Mike M.*

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