Improving Landscapes is Our Job, Improving Lives is Our Passion

Outreach & Volunteering: Project GreenCare | TCLA - outreach-landscapingProject EverGreen’s ‘GreenCare for Troops’ and ‘SnowCare for Troops’ programs provide complimentary lawn and landscape services, and snow and ice removal services for the families of currently deployed military personnel, and post 9/11 disabled veterans with a service-connected disability.


This 11-year-old, nationwide program is made possible because of the generosity of our volunteers.

Our mission is simple; we want to give back to our nation’s heroes for the sacrifices they have made on behalf of all Americans. By taking care of basic yard and landscape needs such as mowing, edging, small tree and shrub pruning, fertilization and weed control, our volunteers provide a safe and healthy area for families to play, unwind and relax in their homes.

These complimentary services are provided to eligible families in need to provide a helping hand to our military at a time they need it most.  The program strives to help as many families as possible. While we have volunteers in all 50 states; we may not always have a volunteer immediately available to help. Volunteer availability changes frequently as new volunteers sign up and deployments end.

Our Impact: Project GreenCare

  • Since 2006, GreenCare for Troops is proud to work with dedicated volunteers to create greener, healthier lawns and yards for military families.
  • 11,000 Military families and disabled veterans who have registered for our program.
  • 6,000 Lawn and landscape professionals who have registered to volunteer for our program.
  • $8 million estimated value of volunteer services provided to military families and disabled veterans since the program’s inception.


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Hi Beth, thank you and Troy Clogg Landscape Associates for continuing to volunteer with our program. I told Josh Krajewski you would like to take care of his lawn care needs for the year and he was so appreciative. Disabled veterans, when they register, are entitled to two years of service similar to the deployed family members. I gave him your name and phone number and told him to get in touch with you right away to be set up on a service route. He said he would and again, he was very grateful. Thanks again for helping to take care of our nation’s heroes. If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Kindest regards,
- Kip, Project Evergreen, GCFT/SCFT Program Manager

We’re passionate about our community, and keeping our community healthy and beautiful. To learn more about upcoming volunteer opportunities, or to request help from our team, please contact us today to speak to a member of our team.