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It starts with a vision. It ends with a beautiful landscape.

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How We Work

The creation or transformation of an attractive, useful outdoor space can follow a linear path. It begins with your vision and goes through our design and build process, which we developed though our decades of experience and lessons learned over many award-winning projects. We first get to work understanding your taste and preferences, and then move forward toward a finished product that will exceed your expectations.



1. Inquiry

Your project begins with a simple phone call. You can reach us at 248-685-0123. Let us know what you have in mind and we’ll set up a meeting to discuss things in more detail.

2. Meeting

At this first meeting, you’ll get to know our team, and we’ll get to know more about your project. We'll listen carefully to learn your objectives and understand your personal tastes and preferences. We’ll also go over some of the resources and materials that could be used to build your project, go over the landscape development process, and explain our general approach for carrying out your plan.


3. Design

Your project will first start to take shape with concept sketches drawn from your ideas and fine-tuned by our designers. These sketches, along with materials options, help us define the project’s direction and budget.

3.1 Your imagination meets our expertise

Your imagination is the garden where amazing ideas grow. It’s up to us to nurture your ideas so they can grow into the amazing landscape you envision. Not everyone has their backyard master plan in their head… very often it lives in the heart. Our designers have a gift for listening to what you really want, helping you express it, and guiding you toward the best way to make your ideas come to life.

3.2 We measure twice

We visit your site, where we discuss how your vision will work within your existing landscape, including your home, any landscaping already in place, views, privacy, and any challenges the site presents. This is where your ideas start to become integrated with the site, your home, and the way you really live.

3.3 We work with your budget

As the design starts to take shape, we educate you on the costs associated with the elements you want to see in your landscape. And where necessary, we help you adjust the design so that you still get the feeling you’re after. While budget compromises may happen, we never compromise on how your new landscape will make you feel!

3.4 From concept to plan

After in-depth discussions with you and a comprehensive site visit, we draw up the initial design and present you with a 3-D rendering so you can see how each element fits together. This gives you a bird’s eye view and also helps you see the project from street view, so you can visualize exactly what the finished product will look like.

3.5 A proposal

Next, we create a formal itemized proposal, where every detail is clearly spelled out. You will know exactly what will happen in each phase of the project, how long each phase will take, who is involved, and how much each phase will cost. This is an opportunity to make changes or incorporate additional features.

3.6 Final plan

After you have reviewed the initial plan and accepted the proposal, we draw up a final plan and write up a contract to complete your project.


4. Contract

As we define the scope of work, we'll refine the initial plan to a point where it's ready for installation. Then, we'll give you with an itemized proposal, a construction contract, and informative supporting documents to help you understand the project's value and available options and upgrades.

5. Permits

This is an important detail. We’ll research local and state requirements to avoid any surprises down the road. We’ll inform you of any needed permits and, with your approval, apply for them.

6. Planning

Our planning starts with a complete site analysis. This helps us to both understand the potential of your project and prepare for any challenges we might find. This is also when we would consult and collaborate with any architects or engineers who may be part of the project.

7. Construction

Now is transformation time! Our friendly team of experts put their skills to work, bringing your design to life just as you imagined it. Moving forward, your project manager remains engaged in the project and keeps in touch with you, ready to answer any questions you may have.

7.1 Out with the old

We’ll start with the demolition and removal of existing plants and structures that are not in the new plans. Things may look messy at first, but we always do our best to cause minimal disturbance and leave a clean site each day.

7.2 Preparing the space

From excavating to bringing in new gravel, everything we do next is to prepare the foundation for the beautiful features of your transformed landscape. A solid foundation is needed to ensure proper drainage, stormwater runoff, and a terrain that’s built for your structures and plantings.

7.3 Laying important lines

When we have access to the underground, we’ll put down any pipes, cables, etc. for things like water, gas, electric, or irrigation lines.

7.4 One paver, one wall unit at a time

When we’re satisfied that the bedding is ready, the big build begins. From the time we start laying down each patio paver with care or getting started on the foundation of your new outdoor kitchen, you’ll start to see your project take shape.

7.5 Building and planting

Once your outdoor kitchen, retaining walls, fireplace, and any other features are built, the details are quickly filled in, from the gorgeous plants you have chosen to the landscape lights that will extend your outdoor living into the nighttime.

7.6 Finishing the project

Our favorite part—completion of another successful project! We’ll do our testing and final cleanup, and then take you on a walkthrough of your transformed landscape to answer any questions while we delight in watching our work through your eyes.

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Artistic vision with professional execution. What more could you ask for! Quality through and through.
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Great company, great people, and great work. Couldn’t ask for better.
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