5 Things to Consider When Looking for Masonry Contractors in SE Michigan

When searching for masonry contractors for your SE Michigan landscape project, how will you know when you have found qualified, reputable professionals? Here are some things to consider when hiring a masonry contractor.

How Masonry Contractors Present Themselves

5 Things to Consider When Looking for Masonry Contractors in SE Michigan

When browsing through a masonry contractor’s website, do you see pictures of completed projects? Can you get a sense of the type and style of projects these professionals install? You should be able to get a very clear vision of the type of company and staff this contractor employs from the website. Look to see if there are clear ways to contact the company that make you feel comfortable and not pressured. Read the testimonials from happy clients. In general, do you like what you see on the website? If the answer is yes, then use the following suggestions to guide your interaction with them. 

Certifications and Professional Associations

Don’t hesitate to inquire about certifications. When a masonry contractor has specific certifications and membership in professional associations, this will assure you that the work meets the highest standards of products and services in the industry. A masonry contractor must meet not only regulatory standards, but also have the highest customer satisfaction. This peace of mind and trust in your mason cannot be measured.

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What will you get with certification proof? You can expect documented processes, a quality control policy, a team that is committed to quality workmanship, effective communication, wise resource management, and ongoing improvements that meet industry standards. 

Proper Insurance 

While it may not seem critical to your project, the proper insurance is a critical component of a successful masonry installation. In any new landscape installation or renovation, unexpected accidents can occur. This can be anything from a tree falling in the wrong place as it is being removed to damage to your water line. Proper insurance means that you as the homeowner are not liable for the expenses associated with these accidents as the masonry contractor should have the right coverage to assume the responsibility for repairs and any associated bills. You are paying for this assurance as part of the agreement.

Investment in the Community

When masonry contractors demonstrate a clear investment in the southeast Michigan community, it tells you that they are there to stay and won’t be gone if you have a problem down the road with the project. Evidence of giving back and supporting the community suggests that you have found true professionals and difference-makers. 

Experience Matters

Deciding to improve your landscape is a big decision that you wouldn’t undertake without much forethought, and finding professionals who understand the importance of your landscape to your daily life is critical. You want a masonry contractor with experience in multiple features of landscape design, including retaining walls, outdoor kitchens, and all kinds of creative stonework. 

A unique stonework design can set your property apart from all the rest, and your masonry contractor should spend an ample amount of time discussing your landscape vision before ever digging one hole. Whether you want a new dimension added to the landscape with custom-placed boulders or an entirely new hardscape, your southeast Michigan masonry contractor can beautify your home and property so that you can enjoy it for years.