Why Did You Choose Snow & Landscape? Was It Your Father's Business First?


Well, I choose the industry, because the harder I worked the more I made, the more I made the sooner I could move out of my parents’ home and become self-sufficient. It's really no more than that. I tried college, actually a couple of them. Not for me. See, ever since I was young I believed that time and money should be viewed as an "investment" one that should get you where you want to be as soon as possible and with as much joy as possible along the journey. 

So, like many visionaries I live most my life in the future. I see and feel what and how I want to live my life, long before it happens. I write this stuff down, work backwards to today, create a list of actions and behaviors required to get to my vision and then simply decide, do it or don't do it? See, to me life is just that simple. 

If we own our vision, our decisions and the results that come from them, well then how much better can life really be?

I set my goals on the type of life I wanted. A life filled with an ability to be with my kids while they were growing up and as often as they desire once they grow up. I set my goals on having a friend as my life partner, a person that knew, life isn't always perfect but if we live a life of faith in God and love for others, it will be what it was designed by him to be. I set my goals on surrounding myself with a team of people who shared similar life goals and also desired to help make a company be as much like a family as possible. Along the way I was blessed with the opportunity to hire my father, he was 71 and I was 29. Over the years, 17 of them to be exact, we agreed and disagreed, but always loved and respected each other's opinion and passion. I miss him a lot.

So why did I choose this business? Well, looking back it chose me. It has become very clear to me that my life is God's plan and I am to do all I can to make him proud. To live a life that transforms lives, just as mine has been and continues to be.

To be the best possible snow and landscape contractor I can be. 

Thanks for reading,

Troy Clogg

Halstead Media Group