Are You Interested in Joining One of the Top Teams in the Country?

As we continue to grow, we are always looking for new team members with experience or interest in landscaping, landscape maintenance, snow removal and more. We offer great pay, consistent work, ongoing training and have a great company culture.

Why Work at Troy Clogg Landscape Associates?

  • Consistent work with good pay
  • Culture - we like to think we’re the best team in the country!
  • Well-maintained equipment, tools, and building facilities 
  • Education stipends & training (most certified snow company in country)
  • Make a difference through volunteer opportunities
  • Get inspired by experienced and effective leadership 
  • Clear growth ladder and room for advancement
  • Bonuses (referral & performance-based)
  • Bi-lingual company

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Here’s What Some Current & Former Employees Said About Working with Troy Clogg Landscape Associates

Working for Troy Clogg has been a one-of-a-kind experience. From the incredible people who work here, to the new and always improving equipment. Troy makes sure that we always have reliable equipment to properly do the task at hand, and I have met some of the most dedicated, hard-working individuals while working here.
Josh F., ASCA-C
What makes Troy Clogg a great leader is that he leads by example. Troy has instilled in his employees to do our jobs well, but have fun doing it. Troy truly enjoys what he does and it shows in how he treats the people who work for him.
Chris C.
Troy wants his employees to be their best, whether that is learning something new or getting certified in our industry. He also intervenes, one on one, with his employees when he can and helps them however he can, something I know from personal experience. Troy wants his clients to have the best results for their project, whether it is maintenance or a new landscape with plants that can withstand our climate and still be what they wanted. I believe this is truly a Purpose Driven Life.
Michele S.
Troy leads us down a path of greatness. He is always behind us in the push for education, growth, leadership, and teamwork. Troy leads us to do our best and help others along the way.
Dave R.
Just the sheer growth alone of this company and the people who work here says a lot about Troy and the team. I truly believe he gets greats satisfaction from watching his employees become successful at what they do. He has done well to provide a quality place to call "work", and I know I've always appreciated being able to make decisions on my own and change things up if it makes sense. Troy clearly has a passion for business and it's pretty obvious he works hard at maintaining an edge over the competition. We definitely win way more than we lose.
Greg C.
Troy is not your average CEO. He always says that we are what makes the company and not him. We are the face the customer sees and relates to. He is the last one to take credit for this company's growth and always puts us ahead of himself. Also, because of his generosity and caring attitude with all of the Hot Pink Deicer donations. A true leader helps out his community in any way possible. 
Andy F.
As I have not been with TCLA too long, what I have noticed most is that this is a genuinely happy and peaceful environment to spend 40+ hours a week at. After many years in an intense international corporate environment, being at TCLA is such a calming and pleasant atmosphere to share with co-workers who become like your extended family.
Beth S.
Troy is an amazing person, role model, business owner and father figure for me. I've worked with Troy and his company since 1989. I've seen lots of change in the company and in Troy himself. Helping the community and trying to make life a better place for everyone is always on the top of his list. I'm honored to be part of this company and have these people in my life. My wife, son, and daughter are all proud to work for this same company. That's something when a whole family works for the same place, very very cool.
Rich R.

Come join the team at Troy Clogg Landscaping Associates! Contact us for more information to apply today, or share this with someone who may be interested.