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This 2018 project in Milford, MI, has something for everyone. An expansive bluestone patio features a granite-topped bar-front grill station, a fire pit, a luxurious covered living room, and even a small herb garden. The next level up features a hot tub area and a pool that features a beautiful curved masonry wall and beautiful views of the landscape. The pool area also features a curved slide that seems to come right out from the forest. One high-end detail is the extension of the granite bar as pool coping on one side for a place to rest a beverage while having a dip. The large neutral-colored stones used in the project’s retaining walls and steps create a seamless transition between the home and the landscape. Farther out in the yard, a natural fish pond with a pebble “beach” creates beautiful reflections of the woods beyond. A small bluestone patio offers a tranquil place to watch the fish, and a stacked-stone waterfall keeps the pond water fresh. This project is the perfect marriage of manmade and natural, in a gorgeous private setting that begs to hear laughter all summer long.