Add Some Color to Your Commercial Landscaping with Perennials in Grosse Pointe, MI

As a facility manager or business owner, you most likely spend little time thinking about the commercial landscaping around your Grosse Pointe, MI, office, but the appearance of the grounds can have a big impact on your customers’ perception of your attention to details. One way your landscape service can boost the image of your commercial location is to add perennial plants and flowers to the landscape. 

How the Landscape Represents Your Business

Add Some Color to Your Commercial Landscaping with Perennials in Grosse Pointe, MI

Your business brand is the sum of many small decisions that work together to produce a product that your customers want. And the truth is that people make decisions to engage in business with you based on several factors. Not only does strategic commercial landscaping add value to your property, but it also sets an example of excellence that your customers can expect in any dealings with you. An impressive physical space entices both customers and employees to spend a few minutes outdoors refocusing and gathering thoughts for meetings, proposals, and all interactions. 

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How Your Commercial Landscape Service Can Help 

There are a multitude of ways that your commercial landscaping service can help you keep your image sharp. Keeping the grass mowed and the clippings off the walkways and parking areas is an obvious beginning, but so is maintaining weed-free landscape beds. 

Fertilizing at the proper times keeps your grass lush and green, and it gives your lawn food to survive during the hot summer months and frigid winter. Too much fertilizer can burn the roots and cause the grass to die, so applications in the correct ratio of potassium, phosphorus, and nitrogen is critical. 

Bed edging and mulch keep your landscape looking clean and fresh, while the mulch protects the soil during the seasons. 

Landscape Enhancements

One way to impact the appearance of your commercial building that you may not have considered is through landscape enhancements. This can include adding new landscape features, planting perennial bulbs, and installing seasonal flowers like annuals to bring color and texture to the aesthetic of your location.

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New landscape features might be adding a trickling water wall for the soothing sound that water brings to a landscape. It might be installing comfortable benches for your employees and clients to take a break from work to enjoy the sun and breezes. It could be installing ambient lighting along the edges of the walkways to help visitors navigate in and out safely. 

But a landscape enhancement that is not very costly and yet yields high dividends is perennial and annual plants, flowers, and bulbs. The beauty of these plants is that the perennials return year after year for a burst of seasonal color, and when they have finished blooming, supplementing with annuals such as petunias, pansies, mums, and other flowers keeps your landscape looking bright and fresh. 

It pays to have a landscape professional who pays attention to the small details of your outdoor commercial space. From the first service to the final result, you want the highest quality of lawn and landscape care for your Grosse Pointe, MI, commercial location, one who will develop a property maintenance plan that will make it easy on you to keep your landscape flawless. Landscape professionals who have superior equipment and proven experience can make managing your facility beautiful and stress-free.