Unique Ways to Include Boulders in Your Bloomfield Township, MI, Landscape Design

When you want to add a unique feature to your Bloomfield Township, MI, landscape design, look no further than boulders. Boulders can fit almost any landscape style to bring a unique look to your property.

Where Do the Boulders Come From?

Unique Ways to Include Boulders in Your Bloomfield Township, MI, Landscape Design

Some natural rock is harvested from quarries where it is blasted out of the ground, while other rocks, namely smooth river rocks, can be found in rivers and streams. Some rocks come from fields where they have been for many years, allowing the weather to form a perfect rock. 

Use Boulders in Landscape Beds

A large landscape bed can accommodate many boulders placed in strategic spots to accent the trees, plantings and even the angle of a home’s exterior. At times large boulders can be placed together to create a focal point within the bed, and to become home to spilling flowers. Because the rocks do not disintegrate or erode, many landscape experts add dirt to all of the cracks and crevices to provide spots for various plants to spread over the rocks. This creates the impression that the rocks and plants have been there for a long time, and brings a sense of maturity to the landscape. 

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At other times a landscape professional might bury parts of the boulders to make them appear as if they were always a part of the property and the landscape bed is just taking advantage of the existing beauty of the rocks. 

Use Boulders as a Retaining Wall

Boulders can be stacked to create a unique retaining wall in an area that would otherwise have a steep slope. This type of wall can address changes in elevation within the yard while also creating an interesting visual picture. And, because the wall provides a place to plant some creeping ground covers and blooming bulbs, you can have color and interest there at any time of the year. 

Use Boulders to Combat Erosion

Erosion can be a very real problem in many yards, and boulders are an ideal solution. Boulders placed in the path of the storm runoff can catch the water and allow time for it to dissipate within the landscape bed. Many plants flourish in that moist environment, and planting a combination of water-loving perennials and annuals can make that former washout one of your favorite landscape spots. 

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Use Boulders to Create an Illusion of Elevation

Some yards are just naturally flat. Transform the appearance of your property with boulders that bring a sense of elevation to a formerly flat landscape bed. Along with dirt that has been mounded high, these large rocks create some interest and change within the landscape. Fill the resulting space with flowering bushes, a unique tree and even your favorite herb plants, and your yard will no longer look ho-hum but will become truly eye-catching. 

Your local Bloomfield Township, MI, landscape design/build service will pay special attention to your property’s unique characteristics when assessing the ideal spaces for landscape boulders. They have the resources and creativity to bring just the right change to your landscape so that you can enjoy the results for years to come.