Choosing the Best Commercial Snow Removal Services for Your Business


The middle of winter is here with snow and ice officially taking over. For commercial properties, you’ll need to have that removed as soon as possible. If snow and ice aren’t treated properly, this could cause damage to your commercial property. Hiring a commercial snow removal service can not only benefit the appeal of your company’s exterior, but also the safety of others.

Asking the Right Questions

When hiring a professional to remove the snow from your property, it’s crucial to ask the right questions such as:

  • Do you clear all entryways and sidewalks?

  • Are their specific teams assigned to your property?

  • How do they treat and control the ice?

  • What size properties can you handle?

  • What equipment do you use?

  • Is there planning that takes place before a storm?

  • How is the cost calculated?

Before hiring a commercial snow removal company, it’s important to be informed so there are no surprises when the first snow storm hits. Research now to save you time later when hiring snow removal services.

What’s Their Experience?

With snow removal services, you want to make sure you’re hiring a company that has a longstanding reputation for being efficient and reliable with their services. A commercial snow removal company will have the experience working in a variety of weather conditions, storms and dealing with the aftermath of the weather.

Troy Clogg Landscape Associates is one of the largest and most successful firms in Michigan, providing landscape design and construction, as well as snow and ice removal to a full range of commercial and residential clients. Over the years, our team has built up a solid standing for being dependable, detailed, and trustworthy. Contact us today to get started!

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