Spring repairs caused by or resulting from Snow Operations


A few questions...

To repair or not to repair?   

To charge or not to charge?


When to have repairs completed by?


How to make sure the Troy Clogg Sales Team, Valued Clients and Hard-working Landscape Managers, Foreman & Crew Members performing or scheduling the repairs are all on the same page?

Above are just some of the important questions we get asked.......or ask ourselves in our customer service improvement meetings and the process we follow, when everything goes as planned, is the following:

In the Fall….we take pictures and/or videos of all sites - a pre-season inspection.  We then file this information and share it with any client or Troy Clogg team member that may be interested in viewing the data.  We determine locations for snow piles, denote them on a site map and share this with our Valued Clients for their review, acceptance & knowledge.

In the Winter.....we perform our contracted services, pursuant to the contract specifications and ISO industry standards.

In the Winter.....“if” a damage occurs to a property and we are informed or aware at the time, the information is put in an accident report and either action is taken immediately, or scheduled for the Spring/Summer when the weather is conducive to making such repairs. Concrete repairs, seed or sod repairs and plant repair/replacement can rarely be performed, due to weather, prior to the month of May.

In the Spring....all sites are again visited and photographs or videos are taken....but this time our teams are also moving back parking blocks, and making notes of areas that absolutely need repair or attention.

In the Spring....once the “post-season” documentation is performed the Troy Clogg Area Managers and the Troy Clogg Sales Team can review the information and combine it with any information that has been supplied by our Valued Clients then an operational plan is made.   This may involve client meetings, discussions of solutions and more.  Our goal is to insure the best client experience we can and this can take time.  It is imperative that the teams of folks making the repairs know exactly what is expected of them in order to best satisfy the Troy Clogg Valued Clients. 

Empathy....Expectation.....Execution....after a mild winter, the post-season documentation and any necessary repairs along with client meetings is typically very minimal and easy for both the client and the Troy Clogg representatives to work through.

After a tough, long season (THIS PAST WINTER WAS 15O% LARGER THAN AVERAGE) the process can take much longer and involve more time on behalf of the Client, as well as, the Troy Clogg Team and unfortunately, sometimes insurance companies.  All that the Troy Clogg Team wants and diligently works towards is to have satisfied and understanding Clients that appreciate the effort our team puts in, just as we appreciate the trust that has been put in us by the client to meet or exceed their expectations.  

Below are some pictures / examples of common situations that occur, how we rectify them and which are paid for by team Troy Clogg (NEGLIGENT) and which are paid for by the client (UNFORTUNATE BYPRODUCT OF THE SERVICE LEVEL REQUIRED IN THE CONTRACTUAL AGREEMENT).


MOST IMPORTANTLY IN ALL SUCCESSFUL RELATIONSHIPS IS....“CLEAR EXPECTATIONS” and  “COMMUNICATION”......please stay in touch with us and we will promise to do the same for you.

REPAIR TIMING......THE MONTH OF MAY IS A FAIR AND REASONABLE TIME FRAME....some years we can complete many repairs in April and some years (like 2018) we will need the month of May to accomplish all tasks.  

OUR HOPE......is that all parties will work together promptly after the snow season ends (END OF APRIL)....to create lists and work specifications for all sites.  That any work being paid for by team Troy Clogg, is combined with any desired work to be paid for by our greatly Valued Clients....and therefore can be scheduled and completed in the most expeditious and cost-effective way.  The result: all sites are cleaned up, repairs made and looking good going into our short but sweet Michigan Summer Season (first day of Summer is June 20).