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This 2017 White Lake, MI, lakefront home is unique, and needed something special to integrate its sleek lines and modern materials into the landscape. Like many modern homes, this one features stone and wood, as well as lots of steel and glass. These materials are repeated in the landscape design. The main patio is a mix of pavers and decking, used to define distinct spaces: pavers at the dining areas, and decking around the hot tub and the outer edges of the patio. This creates a very interesting visual transition from inside the home, to the paver area, to the decking - a transition that continues through the ‘glass’ railing to the lake beyond. The ‘glass’ railings give the feeling of being part of the landscape with no barriers, and the minimalist plantings soften the home’s presence on the steeply sloped lot. The patio is supported by large flat stones that play to the colors of the home’s siding. The concrete stairs from the home’s upper level transition to stone steps leading to the water’s edge, creating the perfect transition from man-made to natural.