Things to Think About When Choosing Masonry Contractors to Install a Stone Retaining Wall in Novi, MI

While your Novi, MI, landscape might require a retaining wall to help with erosion or drainage problems, this wall doesn’t have to stand out. Skilled masonry contractors can construct a retaining wall that is both beautiful and functional. Here are some things to think about when selecting masonry contractors for your project. 

What Is a Retaining Wall?

Things to Think About When Choosing Masonry Contractors to Install a Stone Retaining Wall in Novi, MI

A retaining wall can often be just the right solution to runoff from storms that causes parts of your landscape to erode away. At times, the water can spill over into your neighbor’s yard, causing damage there, too. This type of wall is engineered to provide a way to drain the water without causing landscape damage. A bonus is that a retaining wall can increase the usable space in your yard and bring beauty to an area that perhaps has always been an eyesore.

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What Does a Retaining Wall Look Like?

Keep in mind that a retaining wall can be constructed of multiple materials, from natural stone to concrete blocks to ceramic tile banding for a special touch. It can be straight or curving or undulating, depending on the way your yard is sloped. With so many stone material options, a retaining wall can continue a contemporary aesthetic to add to your modern home look, or it can be rustic and intentionally bulky in appearance from the huge stones that create the wall. The choice is yours. 

A retaining wall can be terraced, giving you both visual interest in your yard and a place to plant your favorite flowers or vegetables. This can be a special bonus of installing a retaining wall—the extra space gives you an opportunity get creative in landscaping your property. 

So, a retaining wall can give you a place to have a patio with a water feature or fire feature—or both! Lighting for your wall can allow you to use this space that is sure to become a favorite longer into the night.

What to Look for in Masonry Contractors

Because you want a retaining wall that will be structurally sound for years to come, selecting a qualified and experienced mason can be a critical first step. Then you will have a masonry contractor who understands the connection between a gorgeous retaining wall and effective use of the new space. 

Ask to see retaining wall projects. A reputable masonry contractor should happily provide examples of previous projects for you to see in pictures and in person. Talking with previous clients can help you have a clearer understanding of the installation process and time required to give you the exact wall that you want for your own landscape.

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When a masonry contractor is Landscape Industry Certified, this along with any other certifications means that the contractor is in good standing with the industry and completes jobs to the highest standards. 

Awards and recognition from the landscape industry tells you that this masonry contractor is doing things right. Acknowledgement from the Michigan Green Industry Association means that this masonry contractor has the continuing education and high standards of professionalism and integrity you want for your Novi, MI, retaining wall project. 

With a team that brings a unique passion to each project, you can rest assured that your retaining wall will fix your drainage issues while adding more functional space for the activities that you enjoy.